Model Detail

 Photo Credit: Chris Anderson

In conjunction with the class final presentations, a scaled model of the entire Los Angeles River was built and displayed in the main gallery of the College of Environmental Design.  The model team was led by Professor Rennie Tang, and six students (listed below), developed the design and construction details over the course of the Winter Quarter.  With a set of instructions each student in the class modeled one mile of the River as accurately as possible with 24 section cuts.  More construction details below.



Rennie Tang – Professor

Chris Anderson – Student

Corey Cameron – Student

Eli Feldman – Student

Billy Guarino – Student

Chad So – Student

Amber Urena – Student



Section Cuts: 1/8 inch Chipboard

Model Base: Threaded Rod

Model Hangers: Fishing Line



*In order to fit the model in the gallery, different scales were used for the channel length, width, height, and elevation.

Channel Length – 1 Foot = 1 Mile

Channel Width  – 1 Foot = 400 Feet

Channel Height – 1 Inch = 10 Feet

Channel Elevation – 1 Foot = 10 Feet


Model Underside

Photo Credit: Juli Pineda

Upstream View

Photo Credit: Zohar Cabrera

Model Wide Angle View

Photo Credit: Sarmen Abdedi Masihi

Our model is currently disassembled but is available to be reinstalled in an appropriate location. Space requirements are: an open space of approximately 45’x35′ in plan and a ceiling that will allow hanging of a fairly large load (our gallery had a concrete coffered ceiling). If your organization is interested in displaying this model please contact project coordinator Rennie Tang

river model_dissasembled


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