This blog represents a summary of the final projects produced for Landscape Design 202, Winter 2014.  It culminated with a gallery exhibition and final review by school professors, guest critics and soon-to-graduate students.

The project required collaboration within and across class sections as well as individual work. Each student developed a design proposition for his or her 1-mile segment of the river. A few students worked on propositions involving their entire zone, i.e. miles 1-17.  The LA River model assignment was developed in parallel with this assignment and details can be viewed on the River Model Page.  Please enjoy our propositions and we welcome comments and constructive critique.  Thank you!

Questions we considered:

How can the river’s identity be strengthened within the adjacent community?
How can the river become a navigational device for your zone of the river?
How can we reverse negative perceptions of the river?
How can the river and land adjacent to the river be used to restore environmental function?
How can the river be a place for the integration of existing physical and cultural elements?

Stated Learning Objectives:

To explore methods of translation from research to design idea
To understand design process as non-linear, multi-faceted and complex
To understand the intrinsic value of collaboration and formal presentation of studio work


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