My goal for the river is to break the vertical movement into more dynamite movement by add different installations. My inspiration came from the plaster models casting and the experiences i had at the river. The three installations are seating, planter, and activity structure. Those installations can encourage more movement on site. Some possible activities will happen, for example, farmer’s market, family picnic, chess game, seesaw, and edible garden. The two inspiration I got from the experience are graffiti and railing with vertical bike rack and information signs. The graffiti will connect the whole river, and the railing with vertical bike rack can sloe down biker and encourage them to use the installations. The possible activities are graffiti drawing competition, and temporary activities in river. Beyond that, I have designs that more related to the site, for example, BMX track, deck goes into the river, and rock bridge connects to the other side of the river.




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