Treating the Runoff

The proposition for mile 46 is to develop it to include amenities that will increase community involvement with the river as well as expand treatment of storm water runoff. To do this, the area will provide recreational facilities south of the 405 freeway. The design will utilize a kit of parts which will unify all sections of this portion of the river. It will be complete with bioswales to clean the runoff from the freeways, equestrian center, and golf course training ground. The bike path will be modulated to include meandering paths along with dips and mounds to create a more interesting ride for the user. Terraced riverbanks will provide seating and planters used as filtration for storm water run off. An outdoor amphitheater will be created as a gathering space for river awareness events as well as other events of the local communities. The equestrian center will expand and be reworked to provide lush landscapes along this section of the river. Framed views will be created to highlight the newly created scenery. An ecological research hub and education center will be created at the end of the Dominguez Gap Wetlands providing a place for students from local schools to learn about storm water treatment.



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