This section of the LA River is adjacent to the Dominguez Gap Wetlands.  Right now, they are separated by a fence with separate paths on both sides.  I really wanted to connect the two areas and create one large recreational space people could use.  My two concepts for this section are an outdoor classroom and a recreational area for the public.  I wanted to create an outdoor classroom space where students can take field trips and learn about the Wetlands.  Here, they can learn about how the Wetlands recycles the water and does the job of a natural river.  I played with the paths to make them move up and down where I put in the classroom on the lower path (see diagram below).  On other parts of the path, they even out which creates a large open space.  Here, I inserted structures to really highlight people’s senses.  There is an elevated platform where people can get a panoramic view of the river.  On the same structure, there will be plants to highlight the sages from the Wetlands which brings about pleasant smells.  The design brings together the Dominguez Gap Wetlands with the bike path creating one large space for people to cross through.weh



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