Educational Interaction


Interaction throughout the entire LA River is minimal and evident. There are different aspects of the LA River that I already knew before completing this project, but there is a lot of new information I did learn throughout this quarter.

For my particular mile, mile 44 is located cross streets Atlantic and Artesia. The area consisted of mostly residential with trailer homes, but with a bit of recreational areas and commercial areas. The key components  I wanted to concentrate on were less pollution, more vegetation and more interaction with the LA River. With the forms I have created, then distorted, flatten, expanded and extended will work as planters, trash cans and sitting areas. With these three components not only will the LA River benefit from it, but the surrounding community will also learn more.

The ideas I have created and adapted from can definitely be implemented throughout my particular mile or possibly throughout other miles along the LA River. The possibilities are endless, but primarily focusing on the issues and how they can be resolved will make a big difference, whether it is in 10 years from or 100.





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