River Steps Bench


Mile 41 starts right at the end of Hollydale Park and ends a little before Rosecrans Avenue. My vision for this section of the river is to have it engage with the surrounding community in a way that has them incorporate the river into their daily lives. To do this, I focused on environmental issues as well as the lack of recreational parks in Southern California.

My proposal is to have the channel become soft bottomed, with steps leading into the river at selective areas connected by a porous path. When there is little to no water in the channel, people can use this path to cross the river. Above the soft bottomed channel would be a variety of riparian plants to help filter out pollutants as the water makes its way towards the Pacific Ocean. There would also be beams in the middle of the river to support a bridge that people can use when the channel is filled. Plaques describing the native plants and wildlife of the river would be located at these beams. Underneath the soft bottomed channel would be water chambers to collect water from the river where it can be pumped out for use. Additionally, since this section of the river is underneath two major freeways, the 710 and 105, I propose that those freeways use porous asphalt on their surface, with other porous material underneath, which would go through the support beams under the freeway and into the water chambers below, therefore effectively collecting water and making the roads safer.

As for recreational use, the river itself would become a park. Rock climbing walls can be placed in the center of the channel adjacent to the porous paths. Rope swings can be installed under the freeways with platforms attached to the support beams. Other uses for the porous channel when there is little to no water in the river can be used for entertainment such as hosting concerts and festivals, or for street markets that provide healthy alternatives for the residential community.

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