The Goal of this project was to create unity between the north and south sides of the river. My objectives were to develop a river park with a new form of pedestrian bridges. Some of the issues of mile 4 were that the River lacks organic composition, lacks of access to 90% of river mile and not enough pedestrian bridges in the area. Mile 4 is surrounded by apartment complex and houses. This section of the river runs from West to East of the city of Reseda. I have an empty area where a river park could be build. The river is wide enough so that the sides of the river could be planted more natural.The river lacks a connectivity with both the north side of the river and the south side. Learning from a datum line exercise, I discover that people don not like to look at the river. That is why i decided to create the design on the bottom left to show a datum line through the tinted class frame structure. The design on the right refers to not having a natural place to sit a long the river. Having a patch of grass along the side banks of the river would be a great place to sit. This information got me thinking about building a river park.


2014-01-25 04.01.19




final render LA river



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