CONNECTING SPACE PROGRAMS: RECREATIONAL + ENVIRONMENTAL + COMMUNITY- After my visiting my mile site in Maywood, I felt like

the existing park, Maywood Riverfront Park, was missing something. It seemed that all the park had to offer were a wood-chipped play area, some

basketball courts, racket ball area and the awkward lawn areas that covered the rest of the park. I proposed to develop an athletics field with a a track,

football and baseball field to develop a much more adequate use and attention of the existing park including providing a promising substantial

recreational used of the area. This would be done by extending the park across the adjacent Los Angeles River near by, creating a series of programs

such as a reed bed of water purification plants, a plant sculpture garden and a bridged small play ground area, connecting nearby neighborhoods to

the site. Although these neighborhood may be separated by warehouses and factories, I believe that due to the clustering of the surrounding

neighborhoods and size of Maywood, it would present a great opportunity to develop a series along the river to help bring the community together.

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