Right know mile 30 of the river is just surrounded by commercial and industrial areas. The river has railroads tracks on both sides of the river and access to it is limited, since it is illegal to breach the fencing and trains are constantly passing by, it is rather inaccessible.

I want to create an entrance to the river, although it isn’t a full entrance it still has access to it in a way. I want to create a way to get into the river but in a way hang from it. The bridges are so extraordinary yet we only see them as crossing people from one point to another but not really a way to get into it.

The bridges already have some type of lookouts formed into them and they would be used as entrances into the platforms that I’m trying to design. There is also going to be vegetation hanging from the sides of the river so people can get a feeling of nature at least a little since in this area there isn’t that much. In a way I’m trying to hang plants and people from right at the middle of the bridge, getting them closer to the river and give them a different experience, since from what I saw they really don’t look at the river unless the walk on the bridges and people rarely use them since the sidewalks are not that wide and cars pass by really fast. This would give them a reason to get out of their cars and try to check out a different perspective of the river’s views.



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