The concrete channel of the river like of Mile 29 is located approximately two miles away from Downtown Los Angeles. The surrounding area of Mile 29 is overpowered by numerous warehouses, many public and commercial rail lines, main streets and freeways. Mile 29 is currently inaccessible to the public due to the surrounding warehouses and multiple railroad tracks on each side of the river.

One goal for Mile 29 is to bring the river to be noticed by its surrounding neighborhoods. Through blue mosaic tiles will demonstrate that the river is not limited between two concrete slabs but is a part of the surrounding community. The mosaic tiles will be placed in a continuous linear formation between Main Street and Cesar E. Chavez Ave on the river. The line segment will take the form of river along the walls and embankment adjacent to the river itself. Since it’s inaccessible to pedestrians, our goal was best to be seen best through transportation by the public and serve as a navigation usage.



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