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The Los Angeles River was the natural source of water and food in the early days and many people settled close to the river because of its advantages. However, due to the number of the floods that happened, the river was channelized in order to prevent flooding. I believe that the Los Angeles River should not be paved and it must be restored to a natural river. My goal is to restore and amend the wildlife habitat, restore the river to its natural form, create recreation and educate the community about sustainability.

Bringing in natural river elements, riparian buffers, and using phytoremediation are the key points in order to restore the wildlife habitat. The riparian buffers increase the water quality and by having trees such as willows planted along the river, the soil erosion will decrease since the roots will support the soil. Natural river elements such as rocks and native plants are also part of the proposal which will replace the existing invasive plants with the native vegetation in order to attract the native wildlife. Phytoremediation will filter the polluted water and it transfers clean water to the ocean. There is a Climbing wall which is the highlight of the design that consists of two bird habitat walls on the sides that have holes in them. The proposed walls can act as habitat for the birds and also other organisms. In addition, there is a water storage tank behind the climbing wall which can save water for different uses. Recreation opportunities are created by providing rock climbing and zip-lines which slide down from the climbing wall in the middle and the other side of the river. There are piezoelectric panels incorporated in the climbing wall and at the end of each zip-line together with some parts of the bike path in order to generate energy from the vibrations that are caused on the surface from the activities. The generated energy will provide the electricity needed for the night lighting throughout the area and it is a great learning opportunity for the community. 

The Regenerative River


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