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Connecting Points

The main objective of this idea is to connect and improve access to both sides of mile 21 of the LA River, and provide opportunities for visitors to come and engage with the surrounding environment. The first part of this idea involves connecting both sides of the river by creating a pedestrian bridge that allows access to the east and west bike paths that run along this section of the river. This bridge would allow visitors to see the river from both sides, and provide an easy crossing point without having to travel further up or down to cross. The secondary purpose of this bridge is to take visitors down amongst the vegetation that exists here to see how the river has created a small environment within itself. This bridge would provide great vantage points of the river and of the varying animals that call mile 22home. The second element of this idea is to provide an area for pedestrians and bicyclists who are travleing along the river to stop, take in the views, and rest up for the remainder of their journeys along the river. By using elements in the kit of parts, a rest stop/visitor hub would be created where the Colorado St. bridge crosses over mile 21, where small segments were created from the joining of the overpass and bike path, that provide great spaces for these hubs to exist. Bridging the gap across the river and providing areas to stop and engage with the river are the key elements that would make mile 21 of the LA River a destination for many to come and experience. The area where mile 21 is located is amongst a busier section of Los Angeles. It is adjacent to the intersection of a couple of the busiest freeways in California, the 5 and 134 frwy interchanges. The surrounding areas to the west of the river include the Griffith Park Municipal Golf Course, and to the east is a dense Industrial use area. access to this mile of the river is easisest at the southern end of the mile, where a pedestrian/equine crosssing takes visitors under the 5 frwy and into Griffith Park. Another alternative would be to start 1 mile above the north end of mile 21 where access is available adjacent to Ferraro Sports Park. By improving and allowing access to both sides ofmile 21, visitors would feel more welcomed to this serene part of the LA River.

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