SATELLITESATELLITESKETCH/Users/zohar/Documents/L.A. 202 LAB/Kit of Parts/final project/sSECTIONUntitled


My goal for this project was to create a better relationship between the surrounding population and the L.A. River. Mile 14 was located on Laurel/ Ventura Blvd. in Studio City. This mile’s cons were that it did not have much outdoor resting areas, it was only a decomposed granite trail which ran about 1/3 ways down the mile. I wanted to focus on this aspect, creating outdoor areas which people can spend time in and not simply walk by. This first section of the mile was surrounded by residential home, they had clear access to the river literally across the street. My design is to incorporate six individual “gardens” which extend over and into the river similar to piers, each with different uses and design. Varying in scale, the smaller ones are meant to be more intimate while the larger ones for more interaction with others.


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