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The Rhythmic Connection

Mile 13 runs parallel to Ventura Blvd, starting roughly from Coldwater Canyon Ave and ending at Laurel Canyon Blvd. My initial analysis of the mile was that the pathways for the river were not consistently paved with a safe walkable surface and that overgrown vegetation obstructing the site left the site inaccessible to the surrounding community and pedestrians who would want to interact with the river. Along with the paths not being consistent, there were only two bridges to cross if you wanted to get to either sides of the river, making it inconvenient. My goal was to bring an interactive space for the community to utilize, which meant addressing the surface as well as the connection between pathways to allow for a more interactive  and dynamic experience.

Kit of Parts Blog


One thought on “MILE 13: EDUARDO BERBER

  1. Studio City residents have done a lot of work here already, including planting and maintaining native trees and shrubs. We want better access to bordering river segments in both directions and a bicycle path.

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