Mile 12 of the Los Angeles River falls between the streets of Fulton and Coldwater Canyon Ave.  This area is already fairly developed and paths have been added to both sides to try and increase pedestrian use.  There is an existing outdoor classroom, but it seems that nobody uses it.  One of the issues with this mile is that the the two streets on each end of the mile are the only areas where someone can cross the river.  Another issue is that the residential and commercial areas seem to be separated by the river. I believe that the river itself is not something most people actually want to look at.  Therefore my proposal was to cap part of the river and add a park space that would connect both sides of the river while at the same time add to the existing pathways on both sides as well as the outdoor classroom.



2 thoughts on “MILE 12: MICHAEL PACCONE

  1. Better yet, why not replace it with a parking structure?
    Sarcasm aside, this is a terrible thing to do to a river.
    Plans like this are OK for reclaiming abandoned right-of-ways, but you’re squandering a rare resource by capping a river.

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