In mile eleven, my goal was to make the river a more desirable and sustainable community space. The neighborhood around my mile, Sherman Oaks, contains several schools and a highly educated population. Currently, the mile is not continuous, there is no lighting, there is a homeless population, and no filtering of storm water. There are however many open spaces, and the residents seem to care about the area.My objectives for the space are achieving safety, sustainability, and adding educational merit to the river.

To make the river more sustainable, I propose to remove the concrete from the bottom of the river and add native plantings. The removed concrete will be used to create a new wall/fence that lines the river, doubling as a planter that allows for cascading vines along the sides of the river.

To address safety and sustainability, new solar lighting will be added to the sides of the river. In addition, I plan to make the river trail continuous as opposed to the current trail which is halted at every overpass.

As for education, I plan to add educational centers in the largest open spaces. I will also add educational installations that will point out both the native plants and animals of the LA River.




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